The Power of Reading is Seedlings Meadow Preschool’s Reading Programme aimed at getting children to read at an early age and to develop a lifelong habit of reading.

The programme uses the evidence-based, Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) approach. SSP teaches children how to recognise letters and their associated sounds. It follows a structured and direct way of teaching children how to read, by breaking the word down into the smallest units of sound.

Seedlings Meadow’s Power of Reading combines the SSP approach with books from the Oxford Reading Tree – a reading scheme developed by Oxford University Press in which reading books are organised into levels. This ensures that when a child is learning to read, they read books at the right level of challenge. This eliminates the situation where a child is put off reading by books that are too hard, or where their reading does not improve because their books are too easy.

Pupils of Seedlings Meadow Preschool automatically follow The Power of Reading as part of their curriculum. The programme is open to children from other schools who are 4 years or older with different membership options.


There are 3 membership options.

  • 3 Months – GHC400
  • 6 Months – GHC700 (Save GHC100)
  • 12 Months – GHC1300 (Save GHC300)

There is a GHC250 joining fee, of which GHC150 will be refunded when the child leaves the programme and returns all borrowed books. Membership entitles the child to weekly reading sessions with a trained teacher, who will also guide the child to select the right level of reading books at each stage of their reading journey. Members can borrow up to two books at a time and can change the books as many times as they wish. New members get a book bag, a bookmark, and a reading record book to get them ready to fall in love with reading.

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